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WTW's history since the founding of the company in 1945

WTW was founded in 1945 and is looking back at 70 years of innovation, quality and service in the water analytics industry - and of course also looking into the future

WTW's history since the founding of the company in 1945
WTW's history since the founding of the company in 1945

Company highlights

1945      Company founded by Dr. Karl E. Slevogt _H
1948 Renamed to Wissenschaftlich-Technische-Werkstätten (WTW) _H
1954 Introduction of first WTW pH meter _H
1965 Introduction of first WTW dissolved oxygen meter _H
1982 Introduction of the world’s first zero-current-free (stable zero point) dissolved oxygen sensor for field measurements _H
1983 Start of WTW’s online measuring technology program _H
1986 First company to offer a 3-electrode dissolved oxygen
sensor (TriOxmatic®) with automatic calibration
on air (OxiCal®)
1987 First company to offer a 4-electrode conductivity sensor (TetraCon®) for portable water analysis _H
_V Bavarian State Award for the Combibox compact
multi-parameter system
1993 First manufacturer of D.O., pH and conductivity measuring systems to be certified to ISO 9001 _H
1995 Introduction of the mercury-free OxiTop® system for manometric BOD determination _H
_V First company to offer monitors with built-in lightning protection _H
1997 New photoLab®-laboratory photometers combine precision with outstanding ease of use _H
1998 Introduction of the PurCon® sample preparation system as a replacement for conventional filtration systems _H
_V First WTW spectrophotometer _H
1999 The new laboratory instruments of the inoLab® family set new standards for the measurement of pH, D.O., conductivity, ISE and temperature _H
2000 Introduction of TresCon® – the modular analytical system for the continuous measurement of ammonium, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate _H
2001 IQ SENSOR NET – the multi-parameter measuring system offers unlimited possibilities for online measurements _H
_V The new VisoTurb® and ViSolid® turbidity
and solid sensors with their revolutionary ultrasonic keeping clean system give “low-maintenance” a completely new meaning
2002 AmmoLyt® 700 IQ enables reliable Online direct measurement of Ammonium _H
_V PurCon® IS: Sample Preparation – directly
without pump
2003 NitraLyt® 700 IQ is a perfect supplementary nutrient parameter (Nitrate) for Online direct measurement _H
_V WTW, a Nova Analytics Company _H
2004 Multi-parameter portable meter Multi 350i represents state-of-the-art technology in field applications _H
_V NitraVis®, CarboVis® and NiCaVis® – spectral
“in-situ” Online sensors for Nitrate, Carbon and TSS measurement for wastewater control
2005 Portable photometers and turbidity meters for
universal applications:
_V             pHotoFlex®/pHotoFlex® Turb
_V             Turb 430 IR
_V IQ SENSOR NET System 182 compact 2 channel transmitter _H
2006 VARiON® ammonium and nitrate multisensor with automatic compensation of interference ions _H
2007 The new optical D.O. sensor FDO® 700 IQ completes the WTW portfolio for online D.O. measuring _H
_V The new spectrophotometers of the photoLab® 6000 series combine systematic and spectral analysis with well proven quality assurance AQA. _H
2008 The IQ SENSOR NET system keeps on developing: _H
_V             New terminal/controller T 2020 XT with USB and dual-processor function
_V             System 182 XT-4: perfect for up to 4 sensors
_V             IQ-LabLink joins online measuring with laboratory calibration
2009 The new ProfiLine single parameter portable meters feature extreme robustness and outstanding ease of use _H
2010 MultiLine® IDS – new digital world of portable measurement: _H
_V             MultiLine® – digital multi-parameter portable meters and
_V             FDO® 925 – optical dissolved oxygen sensor for field and lab
_V WTW, a brand of ITT Corporation _H
2011 inoLab® Multi IDS - IDS technology for the lab _H
_V WTW, a xylem brand: After leaving ITT Corporation, Xylem is starting up as a new global, pure water technology business _H
2012 UV-VIS sensors - Next generation of CarboVis® , NitraVis® und NICaVis® sensors with the optical design, integrated ultrasonic cleaning technology and high-tech materials _H
_V IFL 700 IQ sensor - interface level measurement for sludge management _H
2013 The new OxiTop®-C/B head has been designed especially for the often corrosive biogas applications _H
_V WTW is rewarded with the regional economic prize "Standortprofi (Site professional)" _H
_V ebro Electronic GmbH is integrated into the WTW as its own business sector _H
2014 New IDS turbidity sensor - the VisoTurb® 900-P _H
_V Optical oxygen measurement added to DIN ISO
The DIN ISO 17289:2014‐12 "Water quality - Determination of dissolved oxygen - Optical sensor method" has been available since December of 2014.
2015 New digital IDS electrodes for your special requirements _H
_V photoLab® 7100 VIS and photoLab® 7600 UV-VIS spectral photometers proven and revolutionary _H
_V IDS goes wireless – new concept of wireless IDS sensors first introduced at the ACHEMA 2015 _H
2016 WTW officially operates now asXylem Analytics Germany Sales GmbH & Co. KG _H

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