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Lab turbidity meters

In-the-field turbidity measurement in drinking water, for quality control of food and production as well as turbidity in medical analysis, biotechnology

WTW Lab turbidity meters
WTW Lab turbidity meters
_white_ Turb® 430 IR Turb® 430 T inoLab® Multi 9630 IDS inoLab® Multi 9620 IDS inoLab® Multi 9310 IDS
Turbidity sensor VisoTurb® 900-P _X_ _X_ _X_
Drinking water, nephelometric according to DIN ISO _X_
Drinking water, nephelometric according to US _X_
0-1.000 NTU _X_ _X_ _X_ _X_
0-10.000 NTU
1-3 point calibration _X_ _X_ _X_ _X_ _X_
1-5 point calibration
AQA _X_ _X_
Volume > 20 ml _X_ _X_
Pressure-free flow _X_ _X_
Flow up to 4 bar

Quality monitoring with turbidity measurement is used in the drinking water and wastewater preparation, but also in many industrial processes as well as in the goods receiving areas of many industries: E.g. turbidity measurement in gasoline for motor development or cell cultures in biotechnology. Turbidity offers unknown opportunities. Due to a LabStation, the portable meters Turb® 430 are fully functioning benchtop meters. In addition to the standardization process, the application is a decisive factor for the selection: Particle size, number and coloration influence of the samples. The table indicates the best suitability, but not an absolute must. Colored samples with cell cultures yield very different values, depending on the lamp used, but can both be used in the internal quality control.

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