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Data output

WTW offers printers with direct data output via a RS232 interface as well as suitable cables for the communication between devices and the PC

WTW's connection cable
WTW's connection cable
_Xg_= uni-directional connection
_white_ Cable _H _H _H _H _H USB adapter _H Printer
_white_ AK USB A Mini AK 340/B AK 540 B SK/TC AK Lab AK 325/S
Printer connecting cable (P3001)
inoLab® Multi 9620 IDS, 9630 IDS _X_
inoLab® Multi 9420 IDS, 9430 IDS _X_
inoLab Multi 9310 IDS _X_
inoLab® 7310, 7320 _X_
MultiLine® IDS: Multi 3510, Multi 3620, Multi 3630 _X_
MultiLine® IDS: Multi 3410, Multi 3420, Multi 3430 _X_
ProfiLine 3310, 3320 & MonoLine 3310 IDS, Oxi 3315 _X_
Portable meter Multi 350i, 3500i _X_
Portable meters 340i, 3400i _X_ _X_ _X_ _X_ _X_
ProfiLine 197i, 1970i _X_ _X_ _X_ _X_ _X_
photoLab® 7000 Serie _X_ _X_ _X_ _X_
photoLab® 6000/spectroFlex Serie _X_
photoLab® S6, S12 _X_
pHotoFlex® Serie _Xg_ _Xg_ _Xg_
Turb® 430 Serie _Xg_ _Xg_ _Xg_
OxiTop® OC 100/110 _Xg_ _Xg_ _Xg_
_white_ More products_blue_ _H _H _H _H _H _H _H _H
inoLab® 730 _X_ _X_ _X_
inoLab® 735 _X_ _X_ _X_
inoLab® Level 2 _X_ _X_ _X_

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