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Analyzer for turbidity, free or total chlorine

The analyzers for turbidity, free and total chlorine works according to standard procedures and thus yield reliable values across a large measuring range!

WTW's Analyzer for turbidity, free or total chlorine
WTW's Analyzer for turbidity, free or total chlorine
_white_ Turbidity _H _H _H _H Chlorine
_white_ Turb 2000 Turb 2020 Turb 2100 Turb 2110 Turb 2120 Chlorine 3000
nephelometric (with white light) _X_ _X_
nephelometric (with infrared light) _X_ _X_ _X_
photometric _X_
Turbidity_blue65_ _O_ _O_ _O_ _O_ _O_
Free chlorine_blue65_ _O_
Total chlorine_blue65_ _O_
integrated ultrasonic cleaning _X_ _X_
integrated bubble trap _X_ _X_ _X_ _X_
SET with additional bubble trap _X_
no reagent use _X_ _X_ _X_ _X_ _X_
low use of reagents _X_
large measuring range _X_ _X_ _X_ _X_ _X_
high accuracy in lower measuring range _X_

Both analyzers boast simple calibration and a very low use of reagents (Chlorine 3000) or no use of reagents (Turb 2000 series) and therefore save you a lot of time and money. Based on their large measuring ranges, they can be used in various applications. The measured values can be read via 4 … 20 mA and/or RS 485 interface. The voltage is supplied by a wide range power supply of 100 … 240 VAC.

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