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Sample preparation system PurCon®

WTW sample preparation PurCon®

The perfect online sample preparation - continuous, safe, low-maintenance. Yields samples free of suspended solids and bacteria

  • Continuous sample preparation
  • Suspended solids and bacteria-free permeate
  • Very low maintenance thanks to BubbleClean® self-cleaning system
  • Permeate for up to 3 analysis modules

In contrast to regular preparation procedures, e.g. the sedimentation, the PurCon® device continuously supplies samples that are free of suspended solids and bacteria. Thanks to the self-cleaning BubbleClean® procedure, this type of sample preparation is very low-maintenance.

The sample preparation system is suitable for all kinds of applications in the wastewater treatment industry, even for applications in biological cleaning levels with hard to sediment sludge portions. The sample preparation PurCon® is the ideal supplement for the TresCon® analysis system, as up to three online analysis modules can be supplied with permeate at the same time.

With typical applications in municipal wastewater treatment plants, e.g. in biology (3 – 6 g/l mud), a maintenance-free operation is possible for up to 6 months.


Model Description Order no.
PurCon®/115 PurCon® Sample preparation system, 115VAC/50 Hz. 810008
PurCon®/230 PurCon®, 230 VAC/60 Hz. 810000

Technical Data

Permeate Permeate extraction
Permeat performance levels
Permeate quality
Max. 3.6 l/h, adjustable in 4 steps
Free of suspended solids and bacteria
Sample extraction Minimum - Maximum 400 - 1500 l/h
Connections Sample feed inner diameter 3/4'' Hose nozzle, inner diameter 3/4
Sample drain, inner diameter 50 mm, pressure-free Pipe nozzle
Container drain for service, inner diameter 3/4'' Hose nozzle
Permeate drain Screw fitting Ø 1.54 mm
Electrical connection data Voltage supply 230 V / 115 V AC (depending on the model)
Performance pickup Approx. 150 W (without pump)
EMC According to EN 61326 class B, appendix A, FCC Class A
Mechanical data, protection class Housing height x width x depth 735 mm x 575 mm x 220 mm
Housing material Stainless steel (V4A); IP 33
Weight approx. 36 kg
Maintenance effort Communal application Depends on site of use and contamination of wastewater, typically 20 min /month
Environmental conditions Temperature Storage: -25 ... 60 °C / Operation: 0 ... 40 °C
Test symbol CE, TÜV mark, DIN-GOST
Warranty 2 years for defects according to § 10 AGB

Matching and supplemental products


Model Description Order no.
PF 105 Sample bypass unit 000670
Bypass 1/PB Bypass branch, matching hose PZ 105 505552
SET1/PurCon® Pump hoses for permeate pump. 810002
AF/PurCon® Replacement air filter for compressor 810005
SW/P102 Austausch Schneidwerk für P 102, P102/1 und FGT 615-2 810117
FT/PC Filter plate set (4 ea.) 820065
LSet/PC Set air hoses 820066
SL/SET/PC Hose set 820067
VB 105 Overflow container 830860
P 105 Submersion pump motor without cutting unit 850007
FGT 626-2
= P101
Submersion pump of medium performance with cutting unit 850008
FGT 615-2
= P102/1
Submersion motor pump of less performance with cutting unit 850010
PZ 105 Armed PVC hose (50 m) for P101/P102/P105 850017
BS-P102 Attachment set for submersion pumps P 101, P102/1 und P 105 850110
ADA-PS GEKA adapter piece to connect the pumps P 105; P 101 und P 102/1 with hose PZ 105. 850115


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