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Determine biological degradability OxiTop ® Control S/A

WTW benchtop meter OxiTop® Control S/A

OxiTop® Control meter to determine biological degradability according to OECD/microbiology – lab procedure according to DIN ISO 29 408 / ISO 9408 / OECD 301 F

  • Easy handling for secure results
  • Flexible use for different volumes and temperatures
  • Graphic evaluation in the controller for process monitoring

The determination of biological degradability must be ensured before using "new" chemicals for the first time; not for reasons of environmental protection, but also to minimize disposal costs.

The prepared sample and a blind sample are stirred in a closed bottle at a constant temperature for 28 days.

The generated CO2 is removed from the headspace by means of an absorber so that the generated vacuum pressure can be used as a measure for the biodegradability.

The continuous recording of the measured values in the OxiTop®-C ensures the required documentation.

The measuring bottles and the adapter can be autoclaved at 121 °C.


Model Description Order no.
OxiTop® Control S 6 Set with 6 measuring points, OC 110 208196
OxiTop® Control S 12 Set with 12 measuring points, OC 110 208198
OxiTop® Control A 6 Set with 6 x 1.0 l bottles, OC 110 208220
OxiTop® Control A 12 Set with 12 x 250 ml, OC 110 208222
OxiTop® OC 110 Controller 208207

Technical Data

OC 110
Measuring range BOD standard and routine 0 to 4000 mg/l BOD
BOD special 0 to 400.000 mg/l BOD
pressure 500 to 1350 hPa
Data sets (depending on measuring interval) 180 to 360 data sets per head
Measuring interval 0.5 h to 99 days
OxiTop®-C, OxiTop®-C/B
Measuring range 500 to 1350 hPa
Accuracy ±1 % v. Mw. ± 1hPa


Model Description Order no.
OxiTop® OC 110 Controller 208207
OxiTop®-C 6 6 Measuring heads 208822
OxiTop®-C 2 2 measuring heads 208823
OxiTop®-C Measuring head 208830
OxiTop®-C/B Measuring head biogas 208831
AK 540/B Interface cable 902842
OxiTop® AD/SK Adapter/screw quiver for GL 45 thread 209016
OxiTop® AD Adapter 209017
OxiTop® SK Screw quiver 209018
NKI 500 CO2Absorber 209142
VS 45 Screw connection OxiTop® AD 209500
DI 45 Seal GL45 209501
ST-OxiTop® Storage rack for heads 209010
Batt/OxiTop® Battery cells 209012
RST 600 Stirrer 209120
REF 600 Stirrer remover 209130
NHP 600 Sodium hydroxide pads 209140
NTH 600 Nitrification inhibitor 209331
OxiTop® PM Calibration tablets 209333
OxiTop® PT Leakage test material 209334


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