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BOD self check measurement OxiTop ® IS

WTW benchtop meter OxiTop® IS

Respirometric OxiTop® measuring system for BOD self check measurement with undiluted samples – measuring ranges up to 4,000 mg/l BOD possible

  • Easy handling without dilution series
  • Data security by built-in measured value memory
  • Suitabe for immediate use

Coming soon: The new OxiTop®-i! Please download our new flyer “Respirometric BOD secure, easy, convenient”


Complete packages for 6 or 12 measuring points for routine measurements:

The BOD measurement with OxiTop® is based on pressure measurement in a closed system: The micro-organisms in the sample consume the oxygen and generate CO2 in the process. This is absorbed with NaOH. This will cause a vacuum pressure, which can be determined as a measured value in mg/l BOD.

The sample volume used regulates how much oxygen is available in order for full BOD to run. With different volumes, measuring ranges up to 4,000 mg/l BOD can be measured.

The OxiTop® heads (green and yellow to differentiate between infeed and output) have an AutoTemp function: If the sample temperature is still too cold, the start of the measurement is delayed automatically until a constant temperature is reached, but at least for 1 hour.

In addition to the automatic saving of 5 measured values (1 value per day), you can also manually read other measured values after these 5 days have elapsed, so that control values or measurements can be tracked over time (long-term).

The OxiTop® IS is ready for use immediately, as we will always supply you with product sets including accessories.


Model Description Order no.
OxiTop® IS 6 Set with 6 measuring points 208210
OxiTop® IS 12 Set with 12 measuring points 208211
OxiTop® IS 12-6 Set with 6 measuring points on 12x stirring platform 208212

Technical Data

Measuring range 0 ... 40 digits (display units)
equals after conversion with scaling factor
0 ... 40 / 80 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 2000 / 4000 mg/l BSB


Model Description Order no.
OxiTop® GN Measuring head green 208800
OxiTop® GB Measuring head yellow 208810
OxiTop®-6 3 x measuring head GN, 3 x measuring head GB 208812
OxiTop®-10 5 x measuring head GN, 5 x measuring head GB 208813
OxiTop®-2 1 x measuring head GN,1 x measuring head GB 208814
OxiTop® SET-6 Set with 6 measuring points, without stirring platform 208817
OxiTop® SET-10 Set with 10 measuring point, without stirring platform 208818
OxiTop® SET-2 Set with 2 measuring points, without stirring platform 208819
ST-OxiTop® Storage rack for heads 209010
PF 600 Replacement bottle, minimum order 3 209100
Dia/600 Diagram blocks 209020
RST 600 Stirrers 209120
REF 600 Stirrer remover 209130
NHP 600 Sodium hydroxide pads 209140
NTH 600 Nitrification inhibitor 209331
OxiTop® PM Calibration tablets 209333
OxiTop® PT Leakage test material 209334


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