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Portable colorimeter pHotoFlex® Turb

WTW portable photometer pHotoFlex® Turb
WTW portable photometer pHotoFlex® Turb open
WTW's portable colorimeter as Set pHotoFlex® Turb/SET in field case with table

pHotoFlex® Turb: portable multi-parameter photometer with full value pH, ORP and turbidity measurement for water analytics and environmental monitoring

  • Versatile with special methods NH3 and CO2
  • Unique combination with pH and turbidity measurement
  • Turbidity measurement of 0.01 - 1,100 NTU according to DIN ISO 27027

With its unique combination of photometric, electro-chemical pH and turbidity measurement with lab precision, the pHotoFlex® Turb is the most versatile meter for extensive work - from the environmental and process monitoring at changing sites, via fish hatcheries all the way to drinkingn water analytics and monitoring by health offices and service labs.

The energy-efficient LED optics with 6 wavelengths and a smart adapter for a variety of applications with 16 and 28 mm cuvettes allows the measurement of the smallest concentration with more than 150 programs for standard parameters, special methods and coloration. There is a large selection of test sets of lot-certified cuvettes all the way to economic powder reagents available. A list of favorites for the most commonly used tests, sample ID numbers and more than 3,000 measurements per battery set facilitate field measurements.

The integrated pH function is a complete electro-chemical pH measurement of pH 0-16 with automatic buffer recognition (TEC/NIST) by using the comprehensive WTW selection of pH measuring chains. The temperature compensation automatically takes place in the admissible measuring ranges from -5 … 100 °C. The WTW MultiCal® routine allows the automatic calibration with up to 3 calibration points. or field use, there is, for instance, the maintenance-free SenTix® 41 is recommended, for precision measurements in the lab, the glass electrode SenTix® 81 is frequently used.
The pHotoFlex®Turb also has an infrared light source (IR) for the nephelometric turbidity measurement (90°) according to DIN 27027 / ISO 7027. In combination with th e long-term stable AMCO Clear® standard, the highest possible precision is also warranted for the sensitive drinking water area.

The optional PC software LSdata offers a GLP-compliant data evaluation with data filter and allows the input of up to 100 user-defined programs, automatically calculate these as methods and save them to the pHotoFlex®.

For the convenient use in the field, there is a case set available, including the pH probe SenTix® 41 and turbidity standards as a mobile lab with work surface and storage compartment as well as a lot of accessories, such as pH standards, tripod, pipettes and replacement batteries. For lab use, the photometer can be used in conjunction with a LabStation (optional) with site-supplied power and fitted with an external barcode reader.


Model Description Order no.
pHotoFlex® Turb Portable LED photometer with 6 wavelengths for 16 and 28 mm cuvettes in combination with electro-chemical pH and DIN/ISO-compatible turbidity measurement (IR) 251110
pHotoFlex® Turb/SET Like the single unit, but in a field case with tabel insert, pH probe SenTix® 41, turbidity standard set, PC software LSdata, cable and accessories 251210

Technical Data

Light source LED
Wavelength nm 436, 517, 557, 594, 610, 690 + 860
Own methods 100
Data memory 1,000 measurements
pH/Redox pH 0-16 with automatic temperature control (ATC)
Turbidity 0-1100 NTU/FNU, nephelometric, DIN ISO conform
Accuracy Photometry: <2 nm Wellenlängengenauigkeit, 0,005 Abs Reproduzierbarkeit
pH: ±0.01 pH
Turbidity (NTU / FNU):0.01 NTU/FNU or ±2% of the measured value


Model Description Order no.
LSdata Flex/430 PC software for GLP-compliant data management and programming of you own methods 902762
LS Flex/430 LabStation for the easy operation and evaluation in the lab, with PC software LSdata for GLP-compliant data evaluation, zero modem cable, battery and universal power supply, RS232 interface for the use of a barcode reader 251301
RB Flex/430 Battery with universal power plug 251300
FC pHotoFlex®/Turb® 430 Field case with table insert for device, tripod and cuvettes for convenient work in the field. Additionally: Pipette holder and storage room for utensils, empty 251304
LK28-Set 12 replacement cuvettes, round 28 x 60 mm 251302
RK 14/25 25 round cuvettes, outer diameter 16 mm, empty 250621
Kal.Kit.Turb® 430 IR Calibration set for Turb® 430 / photoFlex® Turb 600560


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