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Portable turbidity meter Turb® 430

WTW portable turbidity meter Turb® 430
WTW‘s portable turbidity meters in field case Turb® 430 T / SET with table insert

Portable nephelometric with highest precision according to DIN ISO / US EPA for water analytics, quality control and process monitoring

  • Lab precision, suitable for drinking water
  • Adjustable calibration intervals and GLP-compliant documentation
  • Stray light behavior according to pharmacopoeia 5.0

The turbidity meters Turb® 430 IR acc. to DIN ISO 27027 and Turb® 430 T acc. to US EPA 180.1 meet the requirements of the nephelometric measurement at 90° stray light for drinking water with highest precision, especially in the range < 1 NTU. The measuring range comprises 0-1100 NTU/FNU with automatic measuring range switching and is therefore suitable for water analysis as well as quality control, such as gasoline, cell cultures, as well as in the food and beverage industries.

The measurement and automatic 3-point calibration runs self-explanatory and menu-controlled. The calibration takes place via an AMCO Clear® standard set (0.02-10-1000 NTU). Up to 1000 data sets including sample ID numbers can be stored and later put out GLP-compliant via the PC software LSdata . The quality assurance of the measured results is supported by calibration interval setting with documentation. This makes Turb® 430 not only a portable meter – also available in a practical field set - but also a precise and reliable benchtop meter for applications of up to 1100 NTU/FNU with optimized data administration!

Turb® 430 IR and Turb® 430 T with Labstation – Lab solution up  to 1100 NTU/FNU:

  • High quality lab precision
  • Turbidity measurement in drinking water according to DIN ISO 27027 and US EPA 180.1. 
  • GLP-compliant data management via optional software LSData
  • Optional Lab Station for easy handling incluing LSData

AQA Analytical Quality Assurance is supported by:

  • Calibration interval setting
  • Calibration protocol
  • Stable, highly precise and retraceable AMCO Clear® standards

AMCO Clear® standards

Polymer calibration standards resist against Formazine by significantly higher accuracy and stability without drifting, which increases the measuring accuracy significantly:

  • Manufacturing tolerance of only ±1% for highest result accuracy
  • Long-term stable particle distribution and size
  • No health hazard
  • Easy to dispose of
  • N.I.S.T. traceability


Model Description Order no.
Turb® 430 IR Portable turbidity meter IR according to DIN ISO, battery operation with calibration set 0.02-10.0-100 NTU 600320
Turb® 430 T Portable turbidity meter IR according to DIN ISO, battery operation with calibration set 0.02-10.0-100 NTU 600325
Turb® 430 IR / SET Case set Turb® IR according to DIN ISO with table insert, calibration set 0.02-10.0-100 NTU, PC software LSdata, accessories 600321
Turb® 430 T / SET Case set Turb® IR according to US EPA 180.1 with table insert, calibration set 0.02-10.0-100 NTU, PC software LSdata, accessories 600326

Technical Data

Measuring ranges NTU 0 … 1100 / 0-1100
FNU 0 … 1100
Resolution 0.01 for range 0.00 … 9.99
0.1 for range 10 … 99.90
1 for range 100 … 1100
Accuracy ± 0.01 NTU or ± 2% of the measured value
Reproducibility 0.01 NTU or < 0.5% of measured value
Cuvette size 28x60 mm, 20 ml sample volume
Power supply 4 x AA batteries for approx. 3000 measurements

Matching and supplemental products


Modell Description Order no.
LSdata Flex/430 PC software for GLP-conform data management and programming of your own methods 902762
RB Flex/430 Batteries with universal power plug 251300
LS Flex/430 LabStation for easy operation, evaluation and charging function in the lab, with PC software LSdata for GLP-conform data evaluation, zero modem cable, battery and universal power supply, RS 232 interface 251301
FC pHotoFlex®/Turb® 430 Field case with table insert, storage room, empty 251304
Cal.Kit Turb® 430 IR Kalibrierset für Turb® 430 IR (0.02-10.0-1000 NTU) 600560
Cal.Kit Turb® 430 T Calibration set for Turb® 430 T (0.02-10.0-1000 NTU) 600561
LK28-Set 12 replacement cuvettes round 28 x 60 mm 251302
AK 540/B Interface cable for the connection of devices with 6-pin socket connection to a PC via the RS232 interface. Including 9/25 adapter 902842
ADA USB USB standard adapter without cable for the connection of WTW benchtop meters to the PC, if desired on the meter AK 540/B. 902881


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