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Galvanic dissolved oxygen sensors (universal)

WTW conventional galvanic dissolved oxygen sensors universal CellOx® 325

Membrane-covered galvanic dissolved oxygen sensors to measure in water and waterous solutions - low-maintenance and no polarization time, required

  • For instant measurement
  • Easy air calibration with water vapor saturated air in the calibration vessel
  • User friendly and long operation time

The CellOx® 325 is a dissolved oxygen sensor with integrated temperature compensation and membrane leak monitoring, which can be used in the lab as well as in the field. Its features include a quick response time (t99<60 s) and low-maintenance operation. Its fields of use include surface waters, measurements in wastewater treatment plants, BOD directions, but also industrial and other applications. It is filled with electrolyte and achieves a long dwelling time up to 6 months. The calibration vessel is part of the delivery.


Model Description Order no.
CellOx® 325 Galvanic dissolved oxygen sensor 1.5 m cable 201533
CellOx® 325-3 Galvanic dissolved oxygen sensor 3 m cable 201545
CellOx® 325-6 Galvanic dissolved oxygen sensor 6 m cable 201546
CellOx® 325-10 Galvanic dissolved oxygen sensor 10 m cable 201547
CellOx® 325-15 Galvanic dissolved oxygen sensor 15 m cable 201548
CellOx® 325-20 Galvanic dissolved oxygen sensor 20 m cable 201549

Technical Data

Measuring range oxygen 0 … 50 mg/l O2 concentration
0 … 600 % O2 saturation
0 … 1250 mbar O2 partial pressure
Measuring range temperature 0 … 50 ° C
T99 <60 s

Matching and supplemental products


Model Description Order no.
SK-325 Protective lid for A 325/K or A 325/S or A 925/K or A 925/S 201580
ZBK 325 Replacement and maintenance agent for dissolved oxygen sensor CellOx®325 und TA 197 Oxi 202706
WP 90/3 3 Replacement membrane heads for all dissolved oxygen sensors, except StirrOx®®</sup G, DurOx®325 202725
RZ 300 Stirring aid for constant stream (used with a magnetic stirrer, for CellOx®325, FDO®925 203824
BR 325 Battery stirrer for profile and depth measurements, only in connection with A 325/K for CellOx®325 oder TA 197 Oxi 203826
RL-G Cleaning solution for galvanic oxygen sensors 205204
ELY/G Electrolyte for galvanic dissolved oxygen sensors 205217
A 325/K Plastic arming with protective basket for dissolved oxygen sensor CellOx®325 and conductivity cell TetraCon®325 903830
A 325/S Steel arming made of VA 1.4571 for dissolved oxygen sensor CellOx®325 and conductivity measuring cell TetraCon® 325 903831
SF 300 Cathode cleaner (polishing strip) for WTW oxygen probes of the TriOxmatic® and CellOx®series 203680
D 201 Flow vessel for CellOx®325 or conductivity measuring cell TetraCon®325 203730
Bev Kit Kit for flow measurement, for ProfiLine and MultiLine® devices and sensors with a diameter of 15.3 mm 203732
Oxi-Stirrer 300 Magnetic stirrer with constant fixed speed in waterproof stainless steel housing 203810
KF 12 Karlsruher bottle including 60 mm polishing plug, suitable for BSB5 measurements 205700
TS 19 Funnel set for BSB5 measurement with CellOx®325/FDO®925 in Winkler bottles 205710
FD 19/KA Fixation cover for Karlsruh bottle KF 12 205711
FR 19 Fixation ring to measure in the Karlsruhe bottle for CellOx®325 and FDO®925 205712
OxiCal® -SL Standard calibration and storage container for CellOx® 205362
D 3Sen Flow vessel for field measurements 903842


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