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IDS conductivity measuring cells

WTW sensors digital IDS conductivity measuring cells TetraCon®
WTW sensors digital IDS conductivity measuring cell TetraCon® 925
WTW sensors digital IDS conductivity measuring cell LR 925/01
WTW sensors digital IDS conductivity measuring cell TetraCon® 925/C
WTW sensors digital IDS conductivity measuring cell TetraCon® 925/LV

IDS conductivity measuring cells – measurements from pure water all the way to concentrated solutions with proven two and four electrode technology

  • Proven 2 and 4 electrode technology
  • Easiest handling, robust design
  • Wide area of application - from pure water to highly concentrated solutions

WTW has been manufacturing conductivity measuring cells of the highest quality for decades. These are the basis for the new IDS conductivity measuring cells. The advantages of the IDS technology include the automatic transfer of the cell constant and therefore the exclusion of possible erroneous input. There are two models available to cover the entire conductivity range: The four electrode measuring cell TetraCon® 925 for medium and high conductivity , for pure water and for low conductivity, the two electrode measuring cell LR 925/01 including flow container.


Model Description Order no.
TetraCon® 925 Graphite four electrode measuring cell, 1.5 fixed cable 301710
TetraCon® 925-3 Like above, 3 m fixed cable 301711
LR 925/01 Stainless steel two electrode measuring cell 301720
TetraCon® 925/C Like TetraCon® 925, but with head made of PEEK, 1.5 m fixed cable 301721
TetraCon® 925/LV Graphite four electrode cell for small volumes and viscous samples 301718

Technical Data

TetraCon® 925 LR 925/01
Conductivity 10 µS/cm … 2000 mS/cm
±0.5 % of value
0.01 ... 200 µS/cm
±0.5 % of value
Spec. resistance 0.5 Ohm cm ...100 kOhm cm
±0.5 % of value
5 kΩ ... 100 MΩ
±0.5 % of value
Salinity 0.0 ... 70,0
± 0.5 % of value
TDS 0 ... 1999 mg/l, 0.0 ... 199.9 g/l
±0.5 % of value
Temperature 0 ... 100.0 °C
±0.2 °C
0 ... 100.0 °C
±0.2 °C


Model Description Order no.
AS/IDS-1.5 Connecting cable for MPP IDS as well as plug head sensors, length 1.5 m 903850
AS/IDS-3 Like above, 3 m 903851
AS/IDS-6 Like above, 6 m 903852
AS/IDS-10 Like above, 10 m 903853
AS/IDS-15 Like above, 15 m 903854
AS/IDS-20 Like above, 20 m 903855
AS/IDS-25 Like above, 25 m 903856
AS/IDS-40 Like above, 40 m 903857
AS/IDS-60 Like above, 60 m 903858
AS/IDS-100 Like above, 100 m 903859
A 925-P Replacement head with existing protective basket 903838
A 925-P/K Arming for IDS –P sensors with protective basket made of POM 903839
A 925-P/S Arming for IDS –P sensors with protective basket made of stainless steel 903840
D 3Sen Flow vessel for field measurements 903842


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