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IDS depth probes

WTW Sensors IDS depth probe MPP 930 IDS

MPP IDS – the digital multi-parameters (up to three main parameters) depth probes with built-in depth measurement to use in profile measuring

  • Depth measurement of pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity - up to three main parameters simultaneously, including depth and temperature measurement
  • Barometric pressure compensated depth measurement for accurate results
  • Profile measurement without a cable mess - special cable reel with sliding contacts available

MPP IDS: Multi-parameter probes for simultaneous measurement of up to three parameters from the following selection: Dissolved oxygen (optical), pH or ORP, conductivity as well as turbidity. A built-in pressure sensor delivers the depth. Every sensor measures the temperature required for its compensation on its own. All probes are available in kits with sensors. The MPP 930 IDS can measure up to 3 parameters.

Typical applications include limnological testing of waters with a depth of up to 100 mm, but also measurements in bore holes, monitoring of landfills and more. The Multi 3630 is required to measure for all MPP IDS.


Model Description Order no.
all kits are in carrying cases and include sensor-specific accessories
MPP 930 IDS Three-channel depth probe 401205
MPP 930-pH/FDO®/Cond Kit Mit SensoLyt®900-P, TetraCon® 925-P and FDO® 925 401206

Technical Data

Length 500 mm
Diameter 70 mm
Weight 3.0 kg
Measuring range depth measurement 0.50 to 100 m, atmospheric pressure and density compensation (sea water)
Resolution 0.05 m
Accuracy ± 0.25 m
Number of sensor plug-ins 3
Materials POM, stainless steel
Warranty 2 years


Model Description Order no.
EH/70 SW Replacement holder for MPP 930 109316
BPI/IDS Replacement closure (sensor input) 908370
BPO/IDS Replacement closure (probe output) 908371
AS/IDS-1.5 Connecting cable for MPP IDS as well as plug head sensors, length 1.5 m 903850
AS/IDS-3 Like above, 3 m 903851
AS/IDS-6 Like above, 6 m 903852
AS/IDS-10 Like above, 10 m 903853
AS/IDS-15 Like above, 15 m 903854
AS/IDS-20 Like above, 20 m 903855
AS/IDS-25 Like above, 25 m 903856
AS/IDS-40 Like above, 40 m 903857
AS/IDS-60 Like above, 60 m 903858
AS/IDS-100 Like above, 100 m 903859
KT MPP/SK Cable reel with internal sliding contacts 903860


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