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Digital ISE sensor for nitrate

WTW sensors - digital ISE sensor (nitrate) NitraLyt®Plus 700 IQ

Nitrogen elimination – transparent, process optimized, economical. Nitrate measurement directly in the medium - optimized for regulation purposes

  • Chloride compensation (optional)
  • Calibration free, long-term stability
  • Economical & cost efficient

With the NitraLyt®Plus 700 IQ, nitrate can be determined directly in the medium. This makes measured values available in a timely manner and they can easily be used for regulation purposes. Another plus of the IQ SENSOR NET probe is the low investment and maintenance cost.


Model Description Order no.
NitraLyt® Plus 700 IQ Digital sensor for the ion selective measurement of nitrate 107080
NitraLyt® Plus SET NitraLyt® Plus 700 IQ , VARiON® Ref and VARiON® Plus NO3 107081
NitraLyt® Plus SET/Comp NitraLyt® Plus 700 IQ , VARiON® Ref, VARiON® Plus NO3 and VARiON®Plus CL 107082

Technical Data

Nitrate measurement
Integratable measuring chains Reference
Measuring electrode
VARiON®Plus Ref
Measuring ranges / resolution NO3-N
1 … 1.000 mg/l / 1 mg/l; 0.1 ... 100 mg/l / 0.1 mg/l
5 … 4.500 mg/l / 1 mg/l; 0.5 ... 450.0 mg/l / 0.1 mg/l
Compensation ranges CI- 1 ...1.000 mg/l / 1 mg/l
Temperature measurements and compensation integrated NTC

0 °C … +40 °C
±0.5 K
0.1 K, t95 < 20 s


Model Description Order no.
VARiON® Ref Reference electrode 107042
VARiON®Plus NO3 Nitrate electrode 107045
VARiON®Plus Cl Chloride electrode 107047
VARiON®/ES-1 Combination standard 1 (low concentration), 1000 ml 107050
VARiON®/ES-2 Combination standard 2 (high concentration), 1000 ml 107052
VARiON® 700 IQ-SK Protective basket for ISE electrodes 107056
VARiON®/Epack Spare parts set: 1 special socket wrench, 1 blind plug, 3 replacement gaskets for electrodes and 1 storage container for the moist storage of the electrodes 107057
DIQ/CHV Dual IQ/Cleaning Head Valve for system 282/284 472007
MIQ/CHV PLUS Module IQ/Cleaning Head for system 2020 480018
Cleaning Air Box - 115 VAC Air pressure compressor, 115 VAC 480017
Cleaning Air Box - 230 VAC Air pressure compressor, 230 VAC 480019
CH Cleaning head 900107


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